Nekocon 2017

Amidst my time spent as a freelance cosplay photographer in my early college days, I haven’t been to an honest convention in nearly two years. Nekocon was a great regional display of some extremely enthusiastic fans, and a fairly impressive array of equally talented costume designers - something I personally never quite got the knack of. I’m a bit rusty on the candid photojournalistic front, but had a nice time people-watching nonetheless. 

Representatives from the Virginia Living Museum

Raven Refueling

Sailor Scouts Chillin’ Out

Cinderella racing to get back to her Pumpkin on time?

A Strange but Not Uncommon Spectacle

Shooting from the hip and hoping for the best.

I’m inspired to be much more prepared for a much larger upcoming convention in February. Hopefully next time I’ll be able to push some Tri-X and maybe even possibly dress to impress on my own!

Wayne White, Monitorium

Interactive cardboard puppets and models abound!

When the inspiration strikes…

Wayne White

Watching the puppet show through the phone.

Enjoying Wayne White and his band perform.

Mr. White and Shelby

I had the pleasure of attending the opening reception for the charming artist Wayne White (known for set and character design for Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, Beakman’s World, and Riders in the Sky, to name a few) and his whimsical take on the tale of “the cheese box on a raft”. Mr. White recreated the story of Union Navy’s ship, USS Monitor, during the 1862 Battle of Hampton Roads with interactive props and a lively puppet show, all largely sculpted from cardboard. 

Monitorium will be on display at the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art September 16th - February 11th, 2018.

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